Heralding from the rolling green hills of the English countryside I’m an actor, who has been lucky enough to train with some very fine teachers on both sides of the pond. 


After finishing my studies at Bristol University, I was offered a place at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NYC, with the sweetener of a scholarship, which I duly took up. After discovering a passion for Sanford Meisner’s teachings, I went on to study with Meisner’s legendary protege, Bill Esper, at his midtown studio, where I also fell under the tutelage of a couple of the greatest voice teachers around: Nancy Mayans and Patricia Fletcher.


Having always been focused on the stage, the training I received in NY allowed an easy transition into film. Numerous film projects both in the UK and the US followed.


However, whilst the restrictions of the O1 work visa made that route a little more challenging, there were no such blocks in the world of voice overs, which I had the fortune to be welcomed into. 


I am based on both coasts and very happy to travel. My voice can be described as British RP, with a welcoming, honest and warm approachability. I feel very comfortable tuning that voice to whatever is desired – people I work with often mention how well I take direction and highlight my versatility (if I may toot my own horn for a moment!). 


As a recipient of a Green Card, I am able to work on any project in the US.